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VIKTORIABOLLA BOUTIQUE Nyitvatartás: kedd-péntek 12.00-18.00

Foglalj időpontot a VB Beauty szalonba!


IG: @fridabognar

I have been following Viki and the brand for a long time. It was a huge honor for me to get a glimpse and represent the brand a little. When I first laid eyes on the clothes, I felt them as my own immediately. They are exactly as Viki described them: basic pieces with a little twist. I prefer to wear these kinds of clothes every day, so there was no question that I immediately fell in love with both the clothes and the brand.
I model as a hobby and, unfortunately, I have been involved in photo shoots where I couldn't let go and relax because the team I was working with was not like that. Well, this photography was the exact opposite of that! From the first minute I felt as if we had been working together for a long time. Everyone was incredibly kind and helpful, so I was able to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the photo shoot in seconds, which of course the girls also took care of. I think the smiles and laughter in the photos reflect all of this perfectly. It was fantastic to work in such an environment!


IG: @tina.moderngoddess

I have been following Viki's work since she stared her blog 11Ground. It was beautiful to see how she embarks on her mission, elevated herself and realized her dreams. I have been happy to buy from her since the first collection, because I really feel that her heart and soul are in it, and that she wants to give much more than clothes to the VB community. Personally, the basic pieces with a little twist are close to me because I feel the same way: I am a simple woman with my own uniqueness.
Like Viki, I am a mother and an entrepreneurial woman who recognized and embraced her abilities, what she can offer the world and does it with passion.
I stand by it and do it for women to help each other. That in the challenges of women's life, such as becoming a woman, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, we accompany each other with acceptance and love, so that we know that we are not alone with the beauties and difficulties.


IG: @zsofisebeszta

I strive to realize my childhood dream every day, and I believe that persistence will lead me to my goal, just like Vikit to the creation of the brand. It was a great pleasure to be a part of her work and to be a VB girl.
I really like the fact that Viki chooses her models from everyday girls who mostly don't have many years of experience. It is a great honor for me to be among the chosen girls and to have the experience of representing a dress named after me.


IG: @antoniabognar

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I am hardworking, creative, dreamy and dedicated. I graduated as an economist, so I got a job in the banking sector. Despite the fact that I enjoy my challenging work, I try to sneak as many creative things into my everyday life as possible, as this is how I feel balanced/fulfilled. I love photography, cooking, reading and decorating!
The most valuable thing for me is the time I spend with my family, I feel very lucky that they inspire me to do more and better every day, in all areas of life.


IG: @schali.dori

I like to express myself through dressing, makeup, writing, singing and photography. I was the typical girl in high school who was always talked about behind my back about what outfit she was wearing that day. I have always liked to combine colors and wear clothes with more special styles. The clothes that others did not dare to wear. Of course, there were times when I went too far, but since then my taste has improved a lot, and now I look for and prefer comfortable, colorful, but still special pieces. That's why I fell in love when I first met the brand created by Viki and the clothes she dreamed up. All of her clothes have that twist that makes them wearable on weekdays, but they can't be called casual at the same time.


IG: @pistarhanna

Since I'm still young, social media has a lot of influence on me. A person constantly grinds between self-acceptance and comparison with others, in the same way as elegant, girly and sporty style or between colors and monochrome. And it's uplifting to find a brand that maintains a balance between the two.


IG: @fannimoz

I struggled with eating disorders for years, so the clothes mostly served to reduce my body image disorder to a minimum. However, 1.5 years ago I went through a huge mental change, I started on the path of self-love and self-knowledge - in which Viki, the VB brand and its women helped a lot. In today's world, where social media puts a lot of pressure on people, a brand that shows real, everyday women and always conveys positive messages is a huge help.


IG: @sadievrg

I was so happy when I saw the invitation that you can apply as a VB girl again! At first I was unsure (ahh, I won't be the chosen one anyway, there are so many wonderful girls .. and so on), then I pushed these thoughts away and decided to write the message. Because what if... :)
What you should know about me - without claiming to be complete: I am a kindergarten teacher and have been a kindergarten leader for a year now, this is my job, my profession, my dream job. I believe that it is also thanks to this that I easily cope with everyday difficulties and that I can be a basically very positive and smiling woman! Thus, I think I can faithfully represent the role of VB girl!


IG: @uzonyikamilla

Fashion has played an important role in my life since I was very young. The fact that I can now be a part of such a project through Viki and the VB brand is a memory I will always be proud of and will keep in my heart. I've been following the brand since 2018, I already have several dresses from different collections... but I think that if I told my then self that I became a VB girl, she wouldn't believe it!


IG: @vandakovacs_

I've been following Viki since the 11Ground era and she's a huge inspiration for me, that's why I've been following the brand since its launch, and now I can't really say a collection from which I don't have a fearfully guarded piece lurking in my closet. I really like that Viki has found exactly what is needed: clean, unique, it fits perfectly for any occasion, and it also gives confidence in everyday life, whether it's an (online) exam or a dinner with my partner. If anything, my interest in fashion has not changed throughout my life and has always been there for me like a 'lifeline'.I'm a graduate dental student, so self-expression is often a challenge for a girl who wears a white coat and leggings most of the day, or sits in the library studying, so this opportunity, the photoshoot, and being part of the collection was a huge happiness for me.


IG: @rebekaneuherz

I am 19 years old and I am currently studying communication at the University of Vienna. I've been dancing for 10 years, I love the stage, the performance art itself, with all its little peculiarities, and that's why I also enjoy being photographed. I signed up to be one of the models in the collection in order to show that there are ordinary princesses with wider hips and a round butt! And with this, I hope I can motivate others to accept it... and what's more: to love themselves!


IG: @zitus123

I have been following the brand for about 2 years and find Viki's work very inspiring. The whole brand has a self-effacing atmosphere that caught my attention right from the start - that's why I dared to apply as a VB girl. I've known since high school that I want to work in the world of fashion, I want to be a designer. I am currently preparing for university, majoring in textiles. The Netherlands is my main goal, as I want to delve into making the fashion industry sustainable. For this reason, I think it's great that the VB brand offers an option to buy quality clothes at an affordable price.

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