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behind the scenes

Welcome behind the scenes, where you can now gain an insight into how and on what principles VB pieces are made! Before each collection, we work with crazy drive and excitement to dream up and create your latest favorite pieces of clothing.

"I believe in teamwork, female energy and that together, empowering each other, we are capable of wonderful things."

STEP ZERO: the wardrobe of our dreams

The starting point of the design process is inspiration. Most of my clothes are not inspired by abstract concepts like nature or the animal world, but by real women: those who walk past me on the streets, those I see in movies, those I can call friends or those I read about in a book. I associate this in my head with images of life and clothes that I feel my "heroines" would need in their dream wardrobe.


The term ordinary modern princess may sound very silly at first, but the real meaning of the slogan is: we all grew up with fairy tales, we fundamentally believe in the beauty of life and now, in our adulthood, we try to deal with the challenges of modern life, all while wearing clothes that , which, in addition to looking good, gives us strength and confidence. That's why my main motivation for founding the brand was to make garments that represent premium quality in terms of material quality, modeling and sewing, but give an option for the price so that anyone can buy designer pieces instead of fast fashion brands.


The basic pieces with a twist slogan was born from the description of my own style, so I can say that every single piece of clothing from the brand perfectly reflects my personal style. I like to mix feminine silhouettes with edgy, more extreme pieces - so the VB dresses have a small twist in each piece, which gives them a feminine, edgy and refined style.


Each garment that is part of the collection goes through a long process of design and then execution. Both when choosing the material and when modeling, we examine and check through several rounds, so that the finished final sample is exactly as I dreamed it in my head.


I believe that any object has an effect on us, and it's influenced by under what conditions, by whom and with what feelings it was made. Precisely for this reason, it is extremely important to me that anyone who participates in making the clothes or in the work around them, feels like a valued member of the team. Although there was no criterion, it turned out that the entire workforce of my brand is made up of women, and not just any women. Kind nature, empathy and dedication are of fundamental importance to me. And I chose my team based on this. This way, only good energy goes into the clothes.



When purchasing materials, I keep two main criteria in mind: perfect quality and comfortable wearability. It is important to me that the clothes are beneficial and comfortable to wear, but also that even after the tenth wash, they are just as if you wore them for the first time that day. That is why all clothes are made with precision and by hand in Hungary, which are produced by seamstresses and tailors who have decades of experience in the profession.

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