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VIKTORIABOLLA BOUTIQUE Nyitvatartás: kedd-péntek 12.00-18.00

Foglalj időpontot a VB Beauty szalonba!


IG: @bernadettzkr

Despite the fact that I tried to do something about it for a long time, even today I often get that I am too sensitive. This hurt me for a long time - because when someone hears it for the first time, they think of someone weak, fragile and always crying about everything. Then someone once told me that this kind of sensitivity I have is a blessing, and since then I really see it as such. I learned the positive sides of sensitivity; that as a sensitive person, my intuitions are very strong, I am more intuitive than others, more empathetic, I am able to feel things deeply, I tune in to others very easily and can immediately find common ground; and one of the most important things for me -which a lot of people lack- is humility, which is also a very deep feeling.


IG: @lizke_0627

I am a very optimistic and positive person, instead of gray weekdays, I try to live as colorful days as possible and find even the smallest joy in everyday life. I believe that being human is a magical thing, and I believe that every human being is wonderful in its own right, because with the love inside of us, we can achieve anything. Many people think that the miracle is around us, or that it is happening to us, but the miracle is within us! I feel that the Diána Pullover perfectly reflects my personality, the positivity and energy that I represent. I believe that when you wear the sweater, you too will feel the same love, gratitude, happiness, and confidence that I felt when I was able to wear it for the first time.


IG: @liza_boldizsar

Everyone has flaws, everyone has things they don't like about themselves. However, without self-acceptance and love, it is very difficult to move towards our goals. I am going through a very difficult period, during which I questioned myself many times, many times I blamed myself for no reason. It took me a long time to learn to love myself again and put myself first. But here I am, shining, and I feel like I'm over it, only up and forward from here!!!:)))


IG: @rekabogos

If I had to introduce myself briefly, I would say that I am an eternal dreamer who is also very rational and tries to enjoy life as much as possible. I studied economics in Vienna and Dublin, I currently work for a multinational company and also study marketing at university. It's also difficult for me to write an introduction because I wasn't the kind of person who knew exactly what she wanted to do from a young age. I am interested in many things and can imagine several life paths, and ideas are constantly changing and I am open to all possibilities. Being a VB girl made a dream of mine come true, I could even be a model for a day, which I would never have dreamed of before. Never say never! :)


IG: @horvathniiki

I am a sophomore studying journalism. I've been interested in fashion and writing since I was little, so maybe it's not so surprising that I want to deal with a combination of the two in the future. I have a blog where I write posts about lifestyle and self-acceptance, because I have been interested in mental health and everything related to it for quite a long time. In the past, I have been told many times that I am not good enough, which is why I try to speak out as much and as loudly as possible on the subject. I believe that we are all capable of making our dreams come true, we just have to believe in them!


IG: @aroziy

I will graduate as a veterinarian this winter, but for me fashion has always been an important part of my everyday life. I can find inspiration and courage to accept myself even on the darkest days, and often with a well-chosen set I can confidently go through the challenges of the day. I am the proud and sometimes tired owner of a little whippet boy on weekdays, but if I can, I clear my head in nature after a long week with a huge walk.


IG: @bmzsnett

I currently live in Budapest with my fiancé, but I grew up in Pécel. I am currently a student specializing in Urban Development at the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences - Agricultural Engineering in Rural Development. I like to be on stage and perform, I owe this to competitive dancing, which I did competitively for 14 years. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are both important to me. My hobbies are cooking, dancing, training. I love going on trips, traveling and discovering new places.

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