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VIKTORIABOLLA BOUTIQUE Nyitvatartás: kedd-péntek 12.00-18.00

Foglalj időpontot a VB Beauty szalonba!


IG: @kovacszsofi

Ever-moving, talkative, emotional, sentimental, dreamy, curious, hungry for knowledge, (not only) a gastronomic hedonist. An ordinary woman with unusual plans - I think that has always been my mast in life. I was thirsty to learn as much as possible, to see and experience as much as possible. I like going against the grain. I'm inspired by big closures and new beginnings - probably one of the reasons why my law degree was needed until the post-graduation lunch and then I followed my dreams. I am attracted to everything that is aesthetic, unusual, special - and that is made of dough. The old values ​​live in me with the modern sparks of the new age. Carrying this temperament, since I can remember I wanted to do something that would make me stand out from others. Standing out is not only a privilege, but also a responsibility. That's why I'm glad that through this collection we can cooperate with girls who, with their life journey, work, humility, kindness, and perseverance, have proven that everyday life is more than the showcase that echoes on the displays every day.


IG: @odettofficalinstagram

I'm Odett, 32-year-old singer, songwriter, creative mind. In addition to music, my love language is visual culture, including fashion. Instead of focusing on problems, I look for solutions in life. The solution is about the bottom line. And the point is always simple, clean and understandable for everyone. Exactly like Viki's clothes, only these pieces are also comfortable.


IG: @lilipataki

I am Lili Pataki, 28 years old, interior designer. Beauty has always attracted me, whether it's clothes or spaces. I never prioritized quantity, I always prioritized quality, I think this is where we are most similar with Viki, and our 'stubbornness', which is not stubbornness, but perhaps maximalism is the right word for it. We go until we reach our dreams and make them come true, because when we do, wonderful things are born, like the Viktoriabolla brand or, in my case, homes that make the owners happy. And yet what's better than giving, getting pleasure?


IG: @bp_lili

I heard the diagnosis at the age of 19, which completely changed me at the time. In my last year of high school, a 20-centimeter tumor was found on my right ovary, which was surgically removed. Unfortunately, this was not enough, so I also received chemotherapy. After the surgery and follow-up treatments, my feeling of illness practically disappeared. I had very good doctors by my side. If I had bad days, I wasn't afraid to ask for professional help. It has been 5 years and I can say that I am cured. It may sound strange, but I got more from the disease than it took. By the time I was 24, I had learned to appreciate the present and that even the little things in life matter. I would like to sincerely help and show the way to many young girls, who I hope will learn from my story. That's why I chose cosmetics as my profession, where I can give energy to everyday women who come to me every day, inside and out. Viki's brand is also close to me because we represent similar values, and she always draws attention to the fact that we should pay attention to ourselves and each other! That perfect is boring as hell.


IG: @brigiborbely

After my university studies in Paris, it became crystal clear that I would like to work in fashion in some form or another. I know, this is an extremely wide area and every second girl is similar to this. I majored in Luxury Brand Management abroad, so I managed to narrow down what moves me the most, but where should I go next. It was near to the end of my master's degree at home when my ideas met with an opportunity and I was able to start working at BigBag PR Agency. I knew from the beginning that I was in the best place, I have been following their work for a long time, and now for almost 4 years I can be a part of a dream team where I don't have to feel that nothing depends on whether I complete the fiftieth excel spreadsheet... but I can participate in creative projects where my individual contribution really has value. I had a similar feeling when Viki asked me if I would present one of her dresses from her new collection, I loved wearing it and thank you for letting me be a part of the project!


I am Bogi Mészáros, lawyer, mother, wife, friend, hobbyist. I try to get the best out of myself and my environment, which is why I love the motto of the garment Viki chose for me. "Make your life a miracle"... I wouldn't say it any other way either. Let's be kind, brave, look out for each other, smile a lot and we can already feel the miracle around us. And if the waves collide above our heads, then we wear the slogan so that every time we look in the mirror we have a positive thought in front of our eyes. With Viki, motherhood was the common point of our acquaintance, but since then it has turned out that it's not the only thing we have in common. It's very inspiring what and how she achieved it, it's an honor to be a part of it. Thanks!


IG: @szabodorisz

I'm Doris Szabó, beauty mentor. I can't say that I was always prepared for this field. I wasn't a particularly pretty girl in high school. The boys always looked for the friend in me. A typical story. I wore black, long flannel, covered myself as much as I could. Of course, I liked to do makeup even then, but mostly at home. If I went somewhere, I washed it. I was afraid of what others would say. So, rather out of ideas, I chose cosmetology training after high school instead of colleges at the last minute. It motivates me to help people. My best qualities are that I am honest, empathetic and helpful. And these are also my worst qualities.


IG: @agodemeter

When I first saw labor and birth, I was amazed by the strength of women, the strength that is somewhere in all of us. I am a doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist. I learn something from my patients almost every day. Humility, perseverance, serenity. I also draw strength from their strength, which manifests itself even in critical situations. Experienced femininity is an exceptional energy and resource, which we need, as we have to stand up in so many places: as a mother, in our relationship, in our profession. What I see around me, and what I have learned in my profession and primarily as the mother of my little son, is that self-identity is often our most important good quality. I had to hold on to this during the photo shoot, as I stepped out of my comfort zone, the main role here was not my brain, my skills or my empathy. Fortunately, it turned out that this situation can also be comfortable. To me, the ViktoriaBolla project is primarily about self-identity, it makes clothes that are good to wear, that don't box you in, but liberate you.


IG: @fatimapanka

I am 26 years old and live in the western part of Hungary with my husband and our almost one-year-old twins, Nándi and Nóra, close to nature. I love to travel, I am inspired by other cultures, I love diversity, this is what motivates me the most in content creation. In June 2017, I stopped eating meat completely, which turned my life upside down in the best possible way. It is important to me to convey a valuable, useful and positive message, whether it is a video, a recipe or a photo. It helps a lot in difficult situations that I always try to find hopeful solutions. In addition to the children, I also try to keep up with our family business and build the Fatimapanka channel as time allows, since now my babies enjoy most of my attention.


IG: @enikovarai

In life, I am always motivated by beautiful things and maybe that is why I found photography at such a young age. Later I realized that photography is not only about capturing beautiful things, but a lifestyle that encourages continuous development. Every single time, you have to grow up to the task, reborn, even surpass yourself. In the past 15 years since I have been involved in photography, I have met many different people from whom I have learned a lot. I was able to go to many places and live the life I always imagined. In addition, I can experience all this with my life partner, who is also my colleague. I'm thankful. It is difficult for me to compromise on certain things and I consider this a good quality, since this is how the thoughts that I consider original are born. Since the arrival of our little girl, things have only gotten rounder.


IG: @kicsilaurka

I have been working in the fashion industry and the film industry for several years, where over the years I have had the opportunity to try myself both in front of and behind the camera. I hesitated for a long time about how to start my life, what I could put my heart and soul into, when by chance I got involved in the first shoot of my life, which was followed by a lot of photography and shooting until today. I think one of the biggest things that helped me become who I am today is that I want to receive and hear from myself the recognition that I have waited for so long in vain from others. I don't consider myself the most self-confident person, but I can love a lot, I'm a great fellow student and I can persistently fight for my dreams to the extreme. It's human to try to forget our past pains, but sometimes it's good to draw strength from them and if I had to say one of them that defines my current spirit, it would be this: when I barely completed my first adult year, I was in deep water, almost I had to start growing up on my own, diving into the creation of my life by myself. I am very happy that Viktória asked me to be one of her models for the presentation of her winter collection, because this A-line skirt with houndstooth pattern shows the atmosphere of skirts that I have loved for years in a completely new color. My taste has gone through many twists and turns in recent years, but one thing has never changed: my unrelenting love for clothes!


IG: @bernadettishere

I am a photographer because I could not imagine a better and more wonderful occupation for myself since I was a little girl. I am interested in people and their stories. I like to get close in heart and soul to the person I photograph. I love how I connect perfectly with those who stand in front of my camera and our shared story almost never ends at the end of the photoshoot... just like it happened with Viki :) I believe and know that Míra, my little girl, really made me who I am. I know that she gives me strength and constant inspiration. Her birth changed me a lot. Although it was perhaps one of the most difficult days of my life, our story really began from there. I am loyal, persistent and endlessly patient — these qualities keep me going and move me forward.


IG: @sandordori

Fashion has always played an important role in my life since I was a little girl, I was only willing to go to kindergarten in a "swirly skirt" in the worst winter cold. This love for fashion has accompanied me throughout my life, and a dream came true when I got a job as a marketer at Daalarna. Currently, my 4-month-old son fills my everyday life, who is my greatest pride, and I feel that my life is complete with him. Every moment spent together is a miracle, even though there are more difficult days, I am still motivated by making my loved ones happy and making my dreams come true. I consider myself a persistent, friendly and open personality, creativity and creation play a very important role in my life, which can be a photo or a cake, the point is that I can express myself with it. I always try to stay true to who I am, and I hope that one day Leo will also be proud that I am his mom.


I deal with communication, as a manager of a large company for 10 years now, and previously I also ran my own business. It gives me pleasure if I can help people and groups understand each other, be it e.g. understanding between different cultures, ways of thinking or between generations. Communication is a bridge without which we would remain isolated. My everyday life has changed radically this year. Although it is still true that I work during the day, I prefer to be with my family in the morning and in the evening, but in the meantime, taking care of the people at home and ensuring greater use of the household is an extra burden, so work spills over into the evenings. Not to mention that me-time is almost gone, it's harder to do sports, and you can't meet friends very much. In addition to these, what I really miss are the chance encounters and unexpected impressions. You can draw a lot of inspiration from them. 


I'm Petra Alberti, journalist, editor-in-chief of JOY and InStyle magazines, and founder of the #vegyélhazait movement and brand. Writing has been my passion since I was a child, and I am lucky to be able to deal with the topics that interest me the most every day. As a private person and professionally, I have long been a dedicated supporter of Hungarian fashion and Hungarian brands, so I was happy to say yes to Viki's kind invitation. I remember when I was a little girl, mesmerized, searching through my grandmother's wardrobe and enthusiastically trying on patterned blouses, floral dresses, suit tops in the mirror, putting on her hats, brooches and jewelry. She always followed the current fashion, always waited for us in miniature, and proudly told us that she often designed the personalized, timeless sets herself with her own seamstress. Each dress had its own memory, history, special occasion. When I look into my own closet, I am happy to see that there are more and more domestic pieces that I can wear with pride. For example, this set reminds me of the Christmases we spend with my sister and my mother as a trio, and we always dress up for the holiday. For me, my family is the most important thing, and the moments I spend with them are the most valuable - friends, role models and eternal inspirations to bring out the best in me every single day, in all areas of life.

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