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VIKTORIABOLLA BOUTIQUE Nyitvatartás: kedd-péntek 12.00-18.00

Foglalj időpontot a VB Beauty szalonba!


I applied because I really like the way Viki sees that little unexpected beauty in everyone that makes them unique and special. With this, he shows the way how everyone dares to be themselves.


I've always wanted to be the girl who doesn't look for attention, isn't ostentatious, does her work quietly, but still leaves a mark on others. I also keep this in mind in clothes - I strive for simplicity, but I also look for secrets hidden in small details. Viki's collections mean the same to me, so I'm proud that I was able to wear this classic oversize white shirt, which could be a staple in every woman's wardrobe, from the meeting table to a beach vacation.


It is a great honor for me to have this beautiful sun-colored dress bearing my name. It reminds me of summer, beach, sunshine, Life itself. When I applied for the project, I had in mind that I wanted to celebrate my femininity by standing in front of the camera in a completely natural way. I would also like to advertise on social media that we dare to be ourselves and trust ourselves, because that is already the result of a process when I dare to say "I can do it, I'm worth this much".....and for me this project is absolutely that carries a message. Viki saw value in showing the "real" face of the girls, and I also see value in this.


Even at first glance, it seemed that Viki mostly represents the "simple but great" line with her work, which is favorable for both young mothers and teenagers! I represent the dress with the most unique color scheme from Viki's summer collection, and I feel that with this piece we are popularizing both the different and the special! Thanks to Viki and the whole team for allowing me to be a part of this work!


I honestly didn't expect Viki to be one of the models for the summer collection, but I was so happy when I heard the news! Totally My World is all of his collections so far. Clean, can be combined with anything, yet amazingly special. I'm always looking for these pieces too. It was an honor for me to wear it. THANKS!


I have been following Viki's work for years, so it was a great honor for me that she chose me. What I like most about her clothes is that I can fit them into my wardrobe without any problems, as they really go with everything, from casual to elegant, not to mention that they are made of luxurious quality materials! For me, the fact that Viki presents the clothes with ordinary girls is also extremely attractive, suggesting that they were designed for women through and through. The photo shoot itself was a great experience, the fact that Nadi and I exuded kindness and trust from the very first moment gave us a lot of confidence. I loved every minute of it!


Every girl has a little black dress in her closet. In my opinion, Viki created a real classic, it immediately became my favorite with the cutout on the back, its elegant, but also good for everyday atmosphere. For me, this is a perfect piece to sneak a little beauty and delicacy into everyday life.


I have been working for a software development company for 5 years - where feminine appearance is of little importance😅 But it is still important for me to dress stylishly every day. I don't dress for others, but for myself.


Like Viki, I'm a real spunky 21st century girl. That's why I knew right away that I had to apply for this call. And the brand's message seems to speak to me: feminine, pretty and easily variable pieces that emphasize the Audrey Hepburn lurking in everyone. I was completely captivated by the atmosphere of the photo shoot, I would have tried on all the clothes in my heart.


I work as an actress, but it was a big dream of mine to try myself as a model. I have visited several modeling agencies since I was 16 years old, but even though I am 180 cm tall and have a 60 cm waist, they always told me to lose weight... I wanted to prove that this system is not normal!

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